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Our Philosophy

American manufacturers are facing more pressure than ever from the global sector. In a world of quickly evolving technology and a need to reduce costs while maintaining or improving quality, manufactures must find ways to stay ahead of the curve.

We are dedicated to providing you sensible, cost effective solutions for your automation and manufacturing needs. Our goal is to help you decrease your inefficiencies by reducing line downtime, product scrap, changeover, and maintenance.

Our Story

In 2013 after seeing many manufactures move operations over seas, James Catlett recognized something had to be done. Sensible Automation Solutions was formed utilizing professionals from many sectors with diverse experience to ensure that it could deliver the best solutions to its customers in the most cost effective way possible. Since then, Sensible Automation Solutions has successfully implemented solutions, manufactured components, and brought ideas to life for many customers in the automotive, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Ensuring that the solutions that Sensible Automation Solutions provides are always cost effective for our customers, has truly made us the sensible solution.

Meet the Team

A Business is only as good as its team. Sensible Automation Solutions has a team with a combined 70 years in the Automation, Fabrication, Chemical, and Engineering industries. ....................................................................................................................................

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James Catlett

With more that 13 years in the tool and die and automation sector, James Catlett brings a creative and fresh approach to all of Sensible Automation Solutions projects. Currently enrolled at Lanier Technical College, he will have a degree in Industrial systems technology and Computer sciences.

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Andy Moore

Holding a degree in Welding Technology, Andy Moore brings 13 years of experience in fabrication and Welding to Sensible Automation Solutions. He has a vast amount of experience in fabrication of many materials including Titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, as well as Stainless Steel and carbon Steel. 

Ron Mcgary

Ron McGary

Holding an Associates in Mechanical Engineering Technology, a Bachelors in Technology Management/Computer Information Technology Administration and Management, and a Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership, Ron McGary brings 48 years of experience in the Automation Sector to the table. His diverse background brings an experienced and creative outlook on all projects Sensible Automation Solutions gets the opportunity to be part of.


Parvez Akhtar

Holding a Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering, Parvez Akhtar brings more than 41 years of experience in Research and Development and Process Engineering in the Chemical Industry to Sensible Automation Solution's portfolio.  Parvez has a vast amount of experience in Photopolymer, Cyanoacrylate, Pressure sensitive adhesive, and Ink industries.

Next Steps...

Give us a call today to discuss how Sensible Automation Solutions can help with your next Automation, Fabrication, Or design project.